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"Dap, guess what? I'm more like you than I thought."

Yeah? In what way?

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"So I went to the doctors today.."

…And what’d they say?

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"text: Once everything is out of my room, you can use that for Lucy's room or whatever. I'm done"

text: Stop being so mean to me. It’s not my fault you believed some grey face’s opinion over the actual truth. I’m not even mad. If you want to be a drama queen, go right ahead.

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I’ve gotta go for a bit, guys. I’ll probably be back later~

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"text: Not even, you're not an idiot and I'm not lying. Oh my god, Dap first of all they were out of high school when they had you guys and they used a surrogate it was much easier for them for one fact being parents our of high school. You're not thinking this through maybe the answer is something else."

text: Stop it. Stopstopstopstopstop it. I see what you’re trying to do. You don’t want Blair and I to start a family, do you? You don’t think we’ve got what it takes to handle two kids.

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Hi everyone! 


Hey, Auntie Em!

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"text: Not that lucky, I have to prove myself to my dad 100% of the time Uncle Blaine and Kurt are really chill. Dap don't you dare say that you have book smarts and a bright future ahead of you but really think about what is best for Lucy."

text: You don’t have to lie. I am literally an idiot. It’s okay. Seriously. I  am thinking about what’s best for Lucy. I love her. She’s my baby. My Dads had Daphne, Mulan and I, and Razzie back-to-back and we turned out fine. They could handle it, so can Blair and I.

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"text: I know he is, and I'm glad I get to call him pops. Dap you have a bright future ahead of you if only you could keep your dick in your pants for like a few years. That is what they always say, I just think you need to think everything over and think about Lucy."

text: Lucky. No, I really don’t. All I’ve got is looks and talent. I’m not smart. You need to be a least a little book smart to have a bright future. I think I have a nicely lit future, but not a bright one. MY DICK LIKES TO BREATH. I’m thinking. Or atleast, I’m trying to.

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"text: He isn't that bad now but he use to be kinda arrogant or so my mom told me, we really were. Wow hold it, you have another baby on the way? Um are you sure you can handle another?"

text: Uncle Coop is my favorite. :D Uh, yeah. Yeah, I do. Crazy, right? I think so. I’ve already got a few offers to join some baseball teams when I graduate, and baseball players get payed a shit ton. I could always take up performing. Either way, my dads said they have our backs as long as we need the help. Lucy is a breeze, I’m sure I can handle another little me.

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Just realized that Dap and I are a lot alike 


….minus a few things. It must be the Anderson blood.

Probably the blood. Only difference is I’m a way better singer. And my hair is da bomb.

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